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How will the vaccine be given?
Flu Heroes - Nasal Flu Spray for Kids. This page opens on YouTube.
NHS Choices Children's flu vaccine page
NHS Choices is the official website of the National Health Service in England. Read their information on the Childrens nasal Flu vaccine via this link.
Information about porcine gelatine and the nasal flu vaccine
The nasal Flu vaccine contains a highly processed form of gelatine (derived from pigs), which is used in a range of many essential medicines. Some faith groups accept the use of porcine gelatine in medical products - the decision is, of course, up to you. See this link for further information about porcine gelatine and the nasal flu vaccine
Vaccines and porcine gelatine link
Public Health England provide a leaflet describing how and why porcine gelatine is used in vaccines.
Government nasal flu leaflet
Government Nasal Flu leaflet
PHE poster and leaflet
PHE poster and leaflet
What products are used in the vaccine?
Vaccines may contain minute traces of animal products and other components. If you have nay concerns about the contents of the vaccines you can find more information at the link above.
It's Not 'JUST' the Flu - It's a Serious Disease! Get Your Flu Vaccine Today!
Keep Flu out of School
For more information please visit
Share good times not Flu
Little children. Big dreams. ¦ UNICEF
From firefighter to scientist, pilot to doctor, these children have big dreams. But without vaccines, those dreams will be out of reach. This page opens on YouTube.
Protect your child from danger | UNICEF
While parents can’t prevent all the dangers their kids get themselves into, they can use vaccination to help prevent the dangers that get into their kids. This page opens on YouTube.