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IntraHealth have been delivering immunisation programmes since 2009 and Nasal flu programmes since 2013. In 2021, we delivered the nasal flu and secondary school immunisation service to 1 million children across schools in East Riding of Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, Hull, Lancashire, Leeds, Rotherham and Sheffield. In 2022/23 our cohort will be 600,000 with 3,000 schools across a registered population of 5.8 million people.

We are one of the country’s top performers. We are an accredited provider on the National Nasal Flu Framework. We won the 2017 Flu Fighter Plus award in Sheffield in conjunction with other stakeholders involved in delivering Flu and were nominated for the NHS Flu Fighter Team of the Year in Greater Manchester in 2018.

Our secondary school immunisation service is delivered to 56,000 young adults across the East Riding of Yorkshire, Hull and Lancashire and provides HPV, Td/IPV (Teenage booster) and Meningitis ACWY booster. We also offer MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccinations for those pupils that have either not commenced or not completed their MMR vaccination programme. In 2021/22, we delivered the 12-15 year old COVID-19 vaccinations in schools to a cohort of 56,000.

Our team of Nurses, Vaccinators and Healthcare Assistants supported by a team of administrative staff provide the programme through a convenient service that visits schools and provides community based catch-up sessions.